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Robert E. "Jock" Boone
Date of Death or Service Apr 10, 2015
Robert E.
     Memorial services will be conducted Friday afternoon, April 10, 2015 at 3:30 p.m. from the Burns Baptist Church Activities Building. Les Fetzer, a close and dear friend will be in charge of the memorial services.
     In lieu of flowers, it is suggested that memorials be made to the Burns Baptist Church, 2308 Hwy 96, Burns, TN 37029
     Mr. Boone died Wednesday, March 11, 2015 in Waco,Texas. He was born November 11, 1934.
     Jock, as he was known, lived in Dickson from 1987 until shortly before he died. He was given the nickname "Jock" by Mary Cowan before they were married in 1988. She gave him the nickname because he had facial features and other characteristics similar to " Jock" on the long running television show "Dallas". He has since been known as "Jock" Boone by him many friends her in Dickson. Jock was an active and well respected member of the Burns Baptist Church participating in the Adult Sunday School Class as well as numerous other church activities.
     He was well known for his professional attributes as a commerical painter and dry wall finisher, having the largest contractors of these trades in Nashville. Before he moved to Tennessee, he owned his own company specializing in painting and dry wall finishing.
     In additional to his professional pursuits, he was a consummant rock collector, having a rather large rock collection from Hickman County, the Tennessee River and Dickson County. He was especially fond of the unusual rocks he found on Billy Grantham's farm in Dickson County. Among a small circle of friends, he acquired a second nick mane of "Jock the Rock" because of his astute rock collecting ability.  in addition to his rock  collecting expertise, he was an avid four wheeler (ATV) rider, along with his wife, Mary. Together they rode all of the four wheeler trails they could find in Hickman and Dickson Counties.
     Jock is survived by his wife; Mary Cowan Boone of Dickson,TN, a son; Perry Boone of Waco, Texas, a brother; Daniel (Dodi) of Spring Hill, TN, other children, grandchildren, brothers, nieces and nephews in both Texas and Oklahoma.
     All church members and his many friends are invited to attend services on Friday, April 10th.

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